Is Military A Lost Cause?

The armed forced which includes army, navy and air forces together represent the military. Military force is the only force that is allowed to make use of the deadly weapons like armoured vehicles, various bombs except to nuclear bombs and several other forces. It is used to defend the citizens from harm. Military is also used when there is a state of emergency in the country like natural disaster or calamity strikes.

Present wars in the world

The Syrian civil war is one of the biggest issues and wars in the current war affairs. It started as a war between the majority and minority population groups. At first in terms of foreign countries intervention, Saudi Arabia and Iraq entered a cold war. Later due to some internal conflicts, America and Russia got into a cold war with Syria as war zone. Now Syrian are getting massacred in name of war and peace.

Apart from this, there is the latest terrorist attack on France and various threats of attack on America, India and other countries. These types of threats are analysed and being faced by artificial intelligence department in defence sector. The military are making use of technology in attacking and holding a good defence from enemies.

Technological growth and effect on military

Military bases are making use of phantom quadcopter to survey the enemy land. They also make use of this technology to ensure that there are no land mines in enemy territory and also to check the enemies hiding and attacking strategy. Apart from this, they make use of this technology to plan attacks on enemy land.

Nowadays several companies develop armoured cars to help military. Armoured cars are armed and can kill so many victim. Moreover, there are other weapons of mass destruction like army bombs, guns and other instruments.

Do we need this?

There are pictures and arts of Syria all around the world. Kids who should be playing are getting killed. Instead of dreaming for any other game to play, they are helpless and are dreaming about a life where they are not afraid of tomorrow. Wars are not making peace but they are making more hostility. For example, the Sri Lankan LTTE war was brought to an end by brutal violence killing the head of LTTE Prabakaran. After the war, the country faced so many hardships. Now the country is not economically stable. They are trying to find sources and man power to regain their own stability in national markets. Similarly, there are other terrorist groups in which if the leader is killed; someone else will immediately take charge. The best example will be even after the death of Osama Bin Laden, Al-Queada is working.